#kovaaosaamista – Shining the Spotlight on Volunteer Experience

Volunteering always offers very valuable experience for later life. Scouting is no exception! A few months ago the Guides and Scouts of Finland co-launched #kovaaosaamista, a social media campaign promoting skills and professional know-how accumulated through volunteer work. Inspired by the huge number of people that have already brought up their volunteer experience on social media, Heppu introduces three concrete professional advantages guiding and scouting has to offer.

1. Language learning and social skills

Guiding and scouting is the ideal activity for those looking for chums in the area as well as those looking to strengthen their skills in Finnish or Swedish. The 120 local groups are tight-knit communities that offer new members a lot of support – a marvelous chance to widen one’s social circles!

2. Project management and leadership

Each local group also constantly plans and carries out projects such as camps, weekend trips and other events of all shapes and sizes, which is why guides and scouts develop remarkable organisational skills. Good leadership forms the backbone of all volunteering-based activities, and that is why guiding and scouting offers volunteers a unique chance to practice one’s capabilities as a leader.

3. Administrative experience in non-profit organisations

Both local groups and the district organisation, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Guides and Scouts, offer various volunteer tasks for those interested – ranging from board of a local group to organising events to all 11  000 guides and scouts of the Metropolitan Area. This kind of experience is highly valuable for young people who are, for instance, looking for summer jobs.

Interested in becoming a guide or a scout? Please contact our office on (09) 8865 1200 or email papa.toimisto(a)partio.fi to hear more about it!

This article was originally published in Heppu, the magazine for our members. You can read Heppu also online!

Team work is an essential part of guiding and scouting. These scouts attended Aikamatka-Törmä scouting and guiding competition earlier this spring.

Text Leo Varttala, photo Julius Kuula